Life Enrichment Activities Bring “All Smiles” During COVID-19

Our center has been hard at work (and play) developing exciting new activities to help keep our beloved residents social and happy while we shelter in place. We understand how easy it is to feel lonely and isolated, especially when families are unable to visit inside the facility. That’s why we’re dedicated to maximizing warm, cozy feelings through personalized activities.

To keep everyone as safe as possible, our life enrichment team has been visiting residents with custom craft carts overflowing with books, hobbies, jigsaw puzzles and games. They’ve also had the opportunity to pamper our residents with hair, make-up and glamour nail treatments. Resident response to these enhanced personalized interactions has been overwhelmingly positive, and we love seeing their faces light up when we stop by for a visit. 

Social activity and community engagement are essential ingredients for the well-being and quality of life for our seniors. At Boyington Health and Rehabilitation Center, we take great pride in creating a full calendar of daily activities so residents have a variety of ways to stay engaged and feel valued. We’ve developed fun indoor and outdoor activities to keep our residents engaged, active and happy. Here are just a few examples:

  • Outdoor ball toss and balloon tennis
  • Live outdoor music and Bible study
  • Indoor reading groups, bingo, blackjack
  • Daily in-room snacks and crafts

We’ve also added a unique new activity that our Boyington residents are really enjoying. Once a month we have pet therapy where our residents can connect with dogs through their windows. It has been a joy to watch our resident’s light up with big smiles as they interact with our new fluffy, furry canine friends.

Keeping families close and connected 

Our residents love visitors, and we know how important it is for families to stay connected. We’re helping our residents bond with beloved family members safely through FaceTime and scheduled window visits. The lingering fingerprints on our welcome window tell a beautiful story of how much love there is for our residents just on the other side of the glass.

image of two people “holding hands” on a window

It’s heartwarming to watch families show their love through messages, balloons and songs. Though hugs and kisses will have to wait, giving our residents and their families the opportunity to see each other in person has been a blessing.

We believe you’re never too old to have fun. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering comprehensive programs to enrich the emotional, social, spiritual, physical and educational dimensions of wellness for everyone in our care. 

If you’d like to learn more about our enrichment activities, get involved or find out how to become a Boyington resident, please call 228-864-6544.